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  Thick Metatron's Cube and Ancient Alphabet Pendant

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Known throughout the universe, Metatron's Cube is a harmonious structure from sacred geometry named after the Archangel Metatron. Metatron appears in Jewish and Christian tradition and in some aspects of Islam. Metatron is in charge of all creation and is considered an Arch angel that is a messenger between you and the divine. The Metatron Cube arises from the structure of the "Fruit of Life" and found around the world's ancient sites. By joining all the centers of the "Fruit of Life's" circles (combining male and female) it produces this structure. Concentrating on the structure enables visualization of the silhouette of five, three dimensional, geometric shapes. These shapes are known as "The Platonic Solids": The Cube, the Tetrahedron, the Icosahedron, the Dodecahedron and the Octahedron. These five shapes are the only ones who's vertexes are all tangent perfectly to a sphere. These bodies and their combinations create, among other things, all possible molecular structures. i.e. all of reality. This shape holds all possible patterns of reality and creation. The pendant is used to intensify your ability to create and manifest a reality you love. In ancient times it was also used a protection symbol to protect people and places from harm. In the middle of the Metatron is the Merkaba.

The word Mer-Ka-Ba is made up of three smaller words: Mer, Ka and Ba. These words, as we are using them, come from ancient Egyptian. The Merkaba is a counter-rotating field of light generated from the spinning of specific geometric forms that simultaneously affects one's spirit and body. It is a vehicle that can aid mind, body and spirit to access and experience other planes of reality or potentials of life.

-Mer refers to a specific kind of light that was understood in Egypt during the 18th Dynasty following the reorientation of religions toward the worship of a one God of all creation. "Mer" was seen as two counter-rotating fields of light spinning in the same space. These fields are generated when a person performs specific breathing patterns.
-Ka refers to the individual spirit of a person.
-Ba refers to the spirit's interpretation of its particular reality. In the human reality, Ba is usually defined as the body or physical reality. In other realities where spirits don't have bodies, Ba refers to their concepts or interpretation of reality in the realm in which they exist.

We create our reality with our words, thoughts and visions. Writing is the one of the most powerful tools that all cultures have used to manifest their wishes.On the backside of the pendant are six of the first letters of the oldest alphabet which signify the power of the written word and new beginnings.

All of the pendants have patented magnetic, sound and light vibration technologies that can increase your strength and balance. This is not just a beautiful jewel, some of the other benefits from wearing your pendant may include, but are not limited to: more energy, reduced stress and fatigue, greater flexibility, reduced pain and inflammation, enhanced focus, concentration, and immune system. It may also strengthen the body's energetic field, preventing harmful man-made electro-magnetic frequencies EMF (TV, computers, cell phones) from affecting one's health.*

Made from a Copper Alloy mixture and are NOT meant to be submerged in water or warn in the shower.

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